Product Name:

Battery module equalization device PBM-PW-A-2405
Battery module equalization device PBM-PW-A-2405

Product introduction:

The PBM series is a product launched for various needs such as after-sales maintenance in the use of lithium batteries; equipped with a device management data platform, after-sales management is even more powerful


  ● Excellent balance effect:

  Unique balanced control technology to ensure a high degree of consistency in the maintenance effect of each channel

  Support depolarization treatment at the end of maintenance to improve maintenance effect

  ● High safety performance:

  Adopt perfect fault detection and perfect multi-level protection mechanism to ensure high equipment safety

  ● High cost performance (powerful function):

  Adopt channel modularization and unitization design, adopt independent charge and discharge module with complete functions

  Support independent and serial working modes of equalization unit

  Support three working modes of parallel maintenance, parallel maintenance and balanced maintenance

  Support channel gating, voltage cut-off, accumulated power cut-off and other functions

  Support multiple protection and redundant design, strong resistance to abuse and high reliability

  Small size, light weight, equipped with aluminum alloy trolley case, easy to carry