Product Name:

Battery pack comprehensive maintenance device PBM-CM series
Battery pack comprehensive maintenance device PBM-CM series

Product introduction:

Pbm-cm series portable battery pack comprehensive maintenance instrument is mainly composed of battery charge / discharge unit, multi-channel battery string maintenance unit, main controller and man-machine interface; its main test functions include: battery state of charge balance, battery capacity test, fast charge and discharge of battery pack, balanced maintenance of battery pack, capacity test of single battery, and each battery in battery pack String capacity test, etc.

Functional features

  • The equipment has perfect function and wide application range, covering and exceeding all functions of pbm-mw and pbm-pw

  • It supports three working modes: whole group mode, battery string mode and collaboration mode

  • It adopts fool design, high intelligence, low requirement for personnel and no need to be on duty

  • Perfect fault detection and multi-level protection mechanism are adopted to ensure the safety of the tested battery pack and equipment

  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry, and equipped with aluminum alloy trolley case