Product Name:

Battery pack balancer for 48V(micro-hybrid)
Battery pack balancer for 48V(micro-hybrid)

Product introduction:

Pbm-mw-d-60 / 08 portable 48V micro hybrid battery pack maintenance instrument is specially developed for the later maintenance, diagnosis and repair of 48V micro mixed lithium battery pack, and can be extended to supplement or discharge 12V starting lead-acid battery.

 Functional features

  • Support related operation parameter setting and automatic operation and termination

  • Support battery pack fault diagnosis and processing through protocol

  • Support 12V power output and communicate with LCU

  • Support u disk storage of equipment operation data

  • Support the expansion of the 12 V start-up lead-acid battery charging or discharging

  • It adopts fool design, high intelligence, low requirement for personnel and no need to be on duty

  • Fault detection and perfect multi-level protection mechanism are adopted to ensure that the tested battery pack and equipment are in good condition

  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry