Product Name:

Electrolyte leakage tester QMD-WZ-B
Electrolyte leakage tester QMD-WZ-B

Product introduction:

QMD Series Portable electrolyte leakage tester is a high-end special test equipment. It mainly aims at the electrolyte leakage detection of power battery pack and other components. It adopts our unique air pressure control technology and electrolyte leakage measurement method to realize automatic adjustment of air pressure, rapid balance of air pressure and high-precision sampling of electrolyte leakage concentration. It supports multiple communication interfaces and is compatible with MES system Seamless docking.

 Functions and features

  • Optional air tightness detection module

  • Optional code scanning gun function to realize the ID management of the tested part

  • Optional cloud data function to realize remote management of equipment data

  • WiFi, RS485 / RS232, can communication interface can be selected

  • Optional I / O control signal function to realize test automation

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