Product Name:

PDU/PEU functional diagnostic tester
PDU/PEU functional diagnostic tester

Product introduction:

The basic function of brts-100 series power system comprehensive performance testing and maintenance system is to provide performance testing, repair, maintenance and other services for power battery pack and its central parts, and can expand the function test of PDU / PEU. Its basic functions are: on board detection of battery pack, residual energy detection of battery pack, insulation test, air tightness test, repair of battery pack, maintenance of battery pack, calibration and calibration of BMS, etc.

major function

  • It has the function of residual energy detection and performance evaluation of battery pack

  • It has the function of detecting the overall performance of battery pack

  • It has the function of battery pack consistency, large capacity and so on

  • It can detect, repair and replace battery module or single battery

  • It has the function of cascade re sorting for single series of batteries in battery pack

  • With maintenance process editing, and automatically run according to the process, no need to be on duty

  • With BMS performance detection function

  • It has the function of battery pack safety performance detection

  • It has the function of inputting the ID of the tested equipment

  • It can extend the detection function of PDU / PEU

  • It has the functions of automatic generation of test report, local storage and cloud storage of test data, and wide voltage range

  • Modular design is convenient for function expansion

  • Simple man-machine interface is easy to use

  • Good anti-jamming design ensures the safety of battery and equipment

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