Product Name:

Battery module DC impedance tester RDT series
Battery module DC impedance tester RDT series

Product introduction:

RDT series battery pack DC impedance tester is used to detect the whole set of DC impedance and the DC impedance of single series battery in the group state of battery module or battery box. The device can accurately and quickly test the corresponding DC impedance, that is, the transformation of battery state and connection state, which provides a strong basis for judging the health status of battery module and battery box, and eliminates the potential safety hazard due to the increased connection impedance.

 major function

  • DC impedance test with more than 12 strings of single cells and modules

  • It has more than 12 series voltage and homogeneity detection

  • It has advanced algorithm model to ensure high precision and high repeatability of internal resistance test

  • With touch color screen and external battery power supply

  • Input battery pack ID and related information

  • Native storage and export of test data

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