Product Name:

Battery voltage measurement tester BWT series
Battery voltage measurement tester BWT series

Product introduction:

BWT series battery voltage collector is mainly used to detect the battery module line sequence, large voltage / temperature difference, temperature probe performance, etc., so as to prevent the occurrence of battery harness line sequence error.The product adopts 2.8-inch TFT high-definition LCD touch screen and USB external battery power supply mode. It has the function of U disk test data storage and automatic alarm. The structure is light and simple, and the operation interface is humanized, which is convenient for field operators to use and start

major function

  • Support the detection of battery module wiring harness sequence

  • It supports the detection of voltage uniformity in the battery module

  • Support NTC temperature probe performance test

  • Support the setting of battery string number and NTC number

  • Support multi specification NTC resistance and K, b value setting

  • Support the setting of voltage range threshold, temperature range threshold, voltage uniformity threshold and temperature uniformity threshold

  • Support sound warning for different test results

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