Portable QMM series

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Portable QMM series

Leakage Tester QMM-Z2-2

QMM series portable air tightness leak detector is a high-end special test equipment, which has accumulated many years of new energy industry experience and technology accumulation. The system adopts a variety of high-precision gas pressure testing devices, such as PDU, gas pressure control system, etc.
Leakage Tester QMM-Z2-2
  Functions and features

  • Modular design is adopted to realize automatic air pressure regulation
  • Test process and parameters can be freely edited
  • The leakage pressure value and leakage flow value can be converted to each other, and the historical results can be queried
  • Equipped with high resolution touch screen and man-machine interface
  • Simple operation, small size and easy to carry
  • Support the customization of special gas injection tooling
  • Cloud data function can be selected to realize remote management of equipment data
  • Optional I / O control signal function to realize test automation
  • WiFi, RS485 / RS232, can communication interface can be selected;
  • Optional code scanning gun function to realize the ID management of the tested part
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