Portable PBM series

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Portable PBM series

Single cell maintenance device PBM-SW-A-0120

PBM-SW series portable single battery maintenance instrument can realize the rapid charge/discharge maintenance of single lithium battery, can realize the functions of single battery capacity measurement, single battery SOC adjustment, and pressure difference adjustment between battery strings, and support Multi-channel output.
Single cell maintenance device PBM-SW-A-0120


  • Support voltage cut-off or capacity cut-off
  • Support charge/discharge cumulative power calculation
  • Adopt a proprietary maintenance strategy to ensure the consistency of its maintenance effect
  • Separate the power line and sampling line to accurately follow the battery terminal voltage
  • Adopting fool-style design, high intelligence, simple operation, easy to use
  • Adopt multiple protection and redundant design, strong resistance to abuse and high reliability
  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry

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