Portable PBM series

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Portable PBM series

Battery module charger and discharger PBM-M series

PBM-M系列便携式电池组充放电维护仪具备电池模组和电池包的充/放电、容量测试及模组间的电压平衡等功能,并可扩展单体电压采集或BMS通讯、外部联机通讯及联网工作等功能;该系列产品采用高效的电力电子变换及特有的负载技术,使其具有极宽的输出电压适应范围、保护全、可靠性高、体积小、易便携等特点。The pbm-m series portable battery pack charge / discharge maintenance instrument has the functions of battery module and battery pack charge / discharge, capacity test and voltage balance between modules, and can expand the functions of monomer voltage collection or BMS communication, external online communication and networking work. The series of products adopt high-efficiency power electronic transformation and unique load technology, so that it has a wide range of output voltage adaptation It has the advantages of wide range, complete protection, high reliability, small size and easy portability.
Battery module charger and discharger PBM-M series
     Functional features

  • High efficiency power electronic conversion and special load technology are adopted to adapt to a wider voltage range
  • Perfect fault detection and multi-level protection mechanism are adopted to ensure the safety of the tested battery pack and equipment
  • It adopts fool design, high intelligence, low requirement for personnel and no need to be on duty
  • Support voltage, power, duration and other cut-off conditions
  • It supports monomer voltage acquisition, communication with BMS, and can be extended to work with pbm-p series equipment
  • Support local storage and cloud storage of running data
  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry, and equipped with aluminum alloy trolley case
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