Hangzhou Guheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Guheng Energy Technology Co. Ltd is the national high-tech enterprise, which is committed to the field of new energy vehicles after-sales, and focuses on the power system of the new energy vehicles, especially the battery, innovates the tool chain and data chain of battery & motor & electrical control' and provides the complete set of professional solutions.

      The products include devices which apply to the performance test and air leak test of electronic control , and the consistency test and leak test of the battery, such as the detection and maintenance of air leak and consistency, data monitoring and storage, efficient separation and grouping of batteries, energy storage management system and so on. We have rich product categories, excellent performance and high cost cost effective; The product is widely loved and praised by famous new energy vehicle enterprises and battery plants in China; Customers are all over the power battery plants, main engine of new energy vehicle plants, echelon recycling enterprises and other energy storage application enterprises in China. Products are to the United States, Britain, Greece, Israel, India and other overseas countries.

Strong Research And Development  Strength

The company headquarter is located in Hangzhou, and has set up software research and development center, hardware research and development center and so on. The research and development team of the company is mainly composed of Doctors, Masters and Engineers of General Levels from listed companies who have rich and excellent experiences in production management, development and marketing. The company invests a large amount of resources into innovative research and development every year depending on years of experience in new energy industry, and has owned more than 20 technical patents, software copyrights and so on.

Strict Quality Management

  All ex-work products have passed strict quality inspection and aging inspection. The inspection report or test report about products issued by authoritative testing agency can be provided. All the research and development, design, production and sales processes of products meet the regulations and requirements of ISO9001 quality management system. Excellent after-sales service system makes customers feel more reassured, which wins the trust of more and more customers.

Honorary Qualification Certification

  The development of the company cannot be inseparable from the continuous research and development of products, and the constant innovation of technology. The research and development team has achieved multiple invention patents, utility patents, software copy-rights and so on in the aspect of lithium battery inspection and maintenance through years of experience in power battery application and management. In addition to the independent research and development, the company also actively participates in various technical seminars in the industry, and has become the honorary member of 'National Alliance of New Energy Vehicle Operators' , 'Strategic Alliance of Electric Vehicle Power Battery Recycling' , 'Power Battery Application Branch of China Industrial Association of Power Sources' and other alliances.



* National high-tech enterprises

* 17 patents (including 4 inventions)  

* Nine software copyrights       

* Multiple CE certification