Industrial thinking under the new infrastructure-Youpin's new energy ecosystem layout

Industrial development is booming

  Industry focus and energy-gathering innovation. With the successive implementation of the national 'Transportation Power Construction Outline' and 'New Infrastructure' strategy, domestic new energy vehicles and surrounding supporting industries have quickly got rid of the impact of the epidemic and entered a period of rapid development. Related plans And promotion measures have been introduced one after another, and all localities hope to seek industrial breakthroughs in a favorable macro environment.

  Hardware cannot be less, integration is more important

  The new energy automobile industry, in the minds of most people, is electric vehicles + charging piles, including many auto industry practitioners, also believe that, especially after the state has made charging piles a key project of new infrastructure, the entire industry Entering an impetuous period, it seems that as long as there are charging piles, the development of new energy vehicles will be a matter of course. In response to this phenomenon, Mr. Li Jia, president of Youpin Car Group, a domestic service provider for the new energy automobile industry, believes that if we continue to develop new energy vehicles with traditional thinking, we will only focus on pure hardware production and sales without organic integration of a carrier. It is very difficult for energy vehicles to truly replace fuel vehicles, or to have a healthy development of the entire industry, just like the domestically-produced vehicles that swarmed up in the past few years. Almost all of them are now struggling and unsustainable.

  Benchmarking IT Industry Ecologicalization

Facing the rush of industrial development, Mr. Li Jia of Youpin Group put forward a new industry concept of 'integrated services and integrated solutions for new energy vehicles', creating a similar IT industry for new energy vehicles and surrounding supporting industries The standardized, modular, and ecological structure of the automobile industry, get rid of the traditional upstream and downstream flat production and sales model of the automobile industry, and create scenario-based applications, thereby combining the diversification of economic development, capturing more industry opportunities, and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the new energy industry .

  Systematic layout of travel station

  Upin Car Group has already had a deep industry influence through the early stage of the watermelon new energy model and the advance layout of charging piles. Facing the overall planning of the new energy industry, it naturally has more confidence. Mr. Li Jia believes that the development of new energy vehicles under the new infrastructure requires a functional carrier that can connect various peripheral applications and create follow-up value through the establishment of a system.

The country's continuous investment in the new energy vehicle industry will give birth to the full electrification of taxis, online car-hailing, official vehicles, and logistics vehicles. The procurement, charging, and follow-up services of these vehicles all require corresponding supporting systems. In this regard, the new travel station mode created by Youpin Car Group provides a perfect solution. First of all, according to different industries and different application scenarios, the travel station has charging and replacement services, and can be directly customized in terms of vehicle sources according to customer needs, while also providing financial support, which means that if customers want to There will be no obstacles to the replacement of fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles, regardless of funding, demand, or follow-up services. The only thing that needs to be considered is the choice of travel stations, which need to be closer to the life radius of the practitioners.

After solving the application requirements of vehicles, the Travel Inn also provides a multi-functional communication platform for practitioners. In addition to providing catering, rest, beauty washing and new car sales, the Travel Inn can also conduct industry-specific communication and training activities. At the same time, the traffic data generated by travel stations is also an important component of traffic big data, which will provide the most direct reference data for the scientific development of local new energy vehicles.

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